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On one hand, Fischer, a company with over 50 years in the market that looking to launch the Gran Cheff line of stoves. On the other hand, Signia Digital, a company that has proven expertise in the development of photorealistic 3D videos and images for the most varied industry sectors, among them, the appliances. 

Signia’s know-how and experience attracted Fischer, and from this perfect combination, a project that resulted in the production of 12 photorealistic images and 2 videos was born.


Signia Digital is used to developing visual content for the appliance segment. But if for some this means that the project would not include challenges, for Signia’s team the difficulty was in producing content that would convey not only the characteristics of the stoves but also (and especially) Fischer’s product identity.

For this, Rodrigo Santos, one of Signia’s account managers, explains that the team sought to understand what Fischer had as its branding strategy so that it could conceptually apply the brand language to the content being produced.

Image Production

For this project were produced 10 still images with neutral backgrounds (example below) and 2 images in a kitchen scenario:

Signia was in charge of creating the kitchen scenarios for the images. Marcus Vinícius, Project and Art Director,  explains that in order to create a digital environment that corresponds to that which Fischer would like to show its stoves, Signia received a few kitchen references.

Then, Signia’s artists researched and presented some ideas to Fischer. Together, the companies defined the details of the scenarios, and this was the final result:

Video Production

Signia developed two photorealistic videos: a 1-minute video and a 30-second teaser. The teaser shows details such as color, texture, and some of the materials used in the new product:

The longer video, in addition to showing the details of the teaser, it showcases the features that Fischer needed to highlight, such as cast iron hoppers, burners with Italian technology, tempered glass, automatic lighting, triple flame burner, oven with a 110-liter capacity and a grill/broiler function.

Just like the images, the entire video was produced using photorealistic 3D. Marcus points out Signia’s mastery in digitally creating flames and important details such as the light coming on in the oven and the broiler being turned

Marcus highlights the mastery that Signia has to be able to digitally create fire and details such as the lamp that lights up in the oven and the lighting of the gilder.

Project Highlights

  • The fact that Signia Digital already has extensive experience in the production of photorealistic images and videos for the appliance sector made deliveries more assertive.
  • On the other hand, this same experience was what made the project more challenging, because Signia needed to emphasize Fischer’s branding strategy in order to differentiate its stoves from those of its competitors.
  • The quality of the renders allows the consumer to see details that would otherwise go unnoticed (such as texture, tempered glass top, and aluminum handles for example).
  • All of the visual content was developed digitally, that is, without the need for traditional video and photo capture using cameras.

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