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Present in over 100 countries, Jacto is a Brazilian family-owned company that produces precision agriculture equipment and solutions including sprayers, fertilizers, and harvesters 

For the launch of their brand new state-of-the-art Uniport 3030 EletroVortex sprayer at Coopavel Show Rural (one of the largest agricultural trade shows in Latin America), Jacto asked Signia Digital to be part of the product video production team. The goal of the video was to highlight the main features and technologies of the new self-propelled sprayer.

One of Jacto’s request was for the video to show the machine’s internal components – something unfathomable using a regular camera. To do that Signia produced a photorealistic 3D video combined with traditional videography.  

About the Project

Unlike some product launches where the client doesn’t have the product manufactured yet, Jacto was able to finalize the assembly of the first sprayer right before we began the video production process. This allowed for a mix of photorealistic 3D and traditional video capture to be used.

According to Sergio André, Jacto’s account executive at Signia, “It was an interesting process. When you combine these two technologies, our brain can’t really tell the difference between the traditional videography and 3D. The video transitions are very smooth, and you can’t tell when there’s a change between the two video styles”. 

Sergio also states that the combination of the actual video capture and the virtual capture created a great impact at the Trade Show. “People were in awe! They couldn’t understand how a camera was able to go inside the machine. The video went viral at the event.”

“We visited some of Jacto’s largest competitors, and one of them said that they had gone to their stand “undercover” to see the video and were dying to find out which company produced it.”

In order to obtain the desired results, the production process was divided into different stages, including:

  • Receive and organize CAD files: after signing a non-disclosure agreement (something Signia does with all of their clients), Jacto sent in the engineering files (CAD) of the sprayer. Signia’s 3D artists then started working on organizing the files to obtain and use only the information that was needed to produce the detailed movements of the machine for the video.
  • Modeling and refining missing pieces: since not everything was in the CAD files, Signia’s 3D artists had to manually model the missing pieces. For that, they used reference materials such as photos and lots of conversations with Jacto.  
  • Storyboard: this is the stage where Signia planned the sequence of the video.
  • Scene animation and edition: At this stage, the 3D artists created the movement of each individual part of the sprayer, keeping its movements and functionalities true to the machine’s real life movements.
  • Animatic: this is where the first raw version of the video without textures and final rendering was produced. This is the stage where Jacto was able to have a first look at the video and validate if the animations were true to the real machine.
  • Rendering: This is where the final edit of the video is done and sound and visual effects are created.

Sergio also points out that Signia was in constant contact with Jacto’s marketing team and every stage was validated before the next could start. Because of the amount of details and complexity of the video, the entire process – from the time the proposal was signed till the delivery of the video – took just about 30 business days.

Project Details

For Signia, the production of this video was very unique, since it involved mixing traditional videography with photorealistic 3D animation.

“We worked alongside Jacto’s marketing agency who were in charge of finding a videography company. Since we had a tight deadline, this was truly a partnership between three companies, us, the marketing agency and the videography company (Mutcho Films). While we produced the 3D video, Mutcho Films were able to do the traditional videography. Everything was very well orchestrated and we all worked together as a team!”


Since the goal of photorealistic 3D is to create images that can’t be differentiated from real images, the sprayer’s mechanical aspects and movement was the main challenge of the project.

“We had extensive conversations with Jacto to learn exactly how the machine works. We always try to show how it really works, otherwise, anyone with any knowledge or who has seen the product will be able to point out inconsistencies”, says Sergio.

Benefits of the photorealistic video for Jacto

Sergio explained that for the initial take of the video (image bellow), Jacto got estimates of how much it would cost for traditional videography. “The lighting of the warehouse alone was going to cost over $25,000 USD.”

In addition to saving over $25,000 USD in lighting alone, if it wasn’t for the 3D technology, Jacto wouldn’t have been able to show the internal components of the sprayer. “It’s not just a financial saving, but also, how much value you are able to add to the product”, says Sergio.

It’s also worth mentioning that since Signia now has this sprayer modeled in photorealistic 3D, any other project, changes or upgrades involving this machine – such as different colors, settings, Augmented Reality, still images and etc. – can be produced much easier and quicker.

Jacto’s Upcoming Projects

With the success of the video and the excellent feedback obtained by its clients, Jacto reaped the rewards of the hard work it went into making the video. As a result, according to Sergio, Signia is already producing other videos for the company that will be released soon.

Stay tuned!

Project Video


Account Executive – Sérgio André

Art DirectionSignia Digital & Conteúdo Agro

Project Manager – Marcus Vinicius

Animation & Lookdev – Deucher Junior

Animation & Lookdev – Denis Bassi

Technical Preparation – Cadu Puccini

Technical Preparation – Rafael Nicolazzi

Technical Preparation – Marcio Engelke

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