Whirlpool & Signia Digital: Rendering Photorealistic Images and Videos Since 2012

Whirlpool Corporation is the world’s leading major home appliance company with over 95,000 employees and 65 manufacturing research centers. The company markets major brand names in nearly every country in the world including Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Consul, and Brastemp to name a few.

Signia Digital has a long history of working with Whirlpool. In this project case, we’ll tell you about our partnership and show you how it all started with a project we did for Whirlpool’s Brastemp brand.

How It All Started

Whirlpool Corporation was Signia Digital’s first client. According to Cadu Puccini, Signia’s co-founding partner and chief technology officer, in 2012, the company contacted him looking to produce photorealistic 3D renderings of a new water purifier. From there, with the increased demand, Signia grew and has been growing constantly.

Since then, Signia has been developing photorealistic CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) images and technical instructional videos for Whirlpool’s Brastemp brand. Projects have been delivered for various areas including marketing, manufacturing, and engineering.

What We’ve Done – Images

It is almost impossible to count the number of images that Signia Digital has produced for Brastemp since 2012. We’ve created images for an array of Brastemp’s products including cooktops, stoves, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, water purifiers, dishwashers, and washing machines

Among the highlights, Cadu points-out the project for the Brastemp’s Retro mini-fridge. For this project, the product’s photorealistic images were produced by Signia, and then, they were digitally inserted into their respective settings, combining 3D renders with traditional photography.

To make the images look as natural as possible, special attention was given to important details such as the refrigerator’s proportion to other furniture and its surroundings, shadows and etc.

All of this was done because, in order to truly have the desired effect and impact, 3D renderings must have the highest degree of realism.

Signia has also produced images for 11 refrigerator models, each with its own particular variation.

For the water purifiers – and once again the focus was on photorealism – Cadu says that one of the challenges was getting the liquid within the cup to seamlessly integrate with the product and reproducing the glass up to Signia’s and Brastemp’s standards.

The same realism can also be seen in the images produced of their electric wine chiller, considering, for example, the scale of the bottles.

What We’ve Done – Videos

Signia Digital has also produced videos used by Whirpool’s manufacturing and engineering departments. In this case, the materials were designed to visually guide technicians on how to assemble water purifiers.

Videos are also used as a tool by the marketing department to bring more value to the end-user. To do this, at Brastemp’s request Signia developed videos to be used as a user’s manual (ie with animated instructions) for their B.blend line of products.

Video and Image Management

In order to be able to organize the high volume of images and thus efficiently manage each project, Signia Digital developed an internal system in order to keep track of everything. Through the system, the artists involved in the projects can see everything that needs to be done, deadlines and details.

Among the details are the CFMs (color and finishing materials) of each product. “Brastemp is very demanding, and because of that, we have a longstanding partnership. We have a complete CFM library and manual. For us, this makes the job much easier and allows for much quicker production of specific parts.”


AssetsCadu Puccini, Denis Bassi and Marcio Engelke

Animation Cadu Puccini

Look Dev and Shaders – Marcio Engelke, Cadu Puccini, Francisco Deucher and Fernando Gomes

Finishing – Francisco Deucher, Marcio Engelke, Cadu Puccini, Marcus Vinicius and Fernando Gomes

Archviz – Denis Biassi, Francisco Deucher and Marcio Engelke

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