Engaging consumers using Augmented Reality

Can Augmented Reality Increase Engagement?

With each passing day, Augmented Reality (or AR) is becoming more and more popular since most of the population has a smartphone with a camera. And with that in mind, companies around the globe paying more and more attention to the use of this technology especially when it comes to creating engagement.

It allows for a brand-new level of engagement and convenience that, leaves a lasting impression on clients and consumers alike. However, you must tread carefully as using this technology goes beyond just augmenting the physical world by adding a digital object.

Now that companies are starting to realize that AR can be more than just a marketing device, we’re starting to see some powerful use of the technology.

TheDrum reported that AR experiences can lead to over 85 seconds of dwell time, up to 20% of interaction rates and 33% click-through to purchase rates. These numbers destroy any other form of communication including print, online and TV.

Here’s how your company can create engagement using AR:

1. Bring storytelling to life

Augmented Reality gives you the opportunity to give life to digital storytelling.  By using AR, you are leaving behind the abstract object on a flat screen by giving them life and making them appear to be real.

AR also has the potential to be as disruptive as the television was when it was introduced to the market. Not just because it’s a new technology, but, because it turns the audience from a passive information receiver to an actual active character.

2. Let users virtually try your products

IKEA perfectly incorporated Augmented Reality in its marketing strategy as a way of solving an actual problem. You can see how a piece of furniture (in its actual size) will look in your own home.

This allows its customers to try their products as if they had already purchased them, reducing return rates.

3. Focus on engagement marketing

AR is being used as a marketing tool for major brands.

Interactive billboards are keeping alive outside-the-home advertisement. People walking by such advertisements can interact with the brand’s content resulting in increased engagement and social media sharing.

How about we take a look at some videos of examples? On the eBook How to Create Engagement Using Augmented Reality not only do we dig deeper into the items above (and 3 more ideas), we also added video examples of each one!

Ohh, another thing! We also added our free AR Experience app so you can see for yourself the possibilities of Augmented Reality!

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