How To Improve Your Company’s Product Images

Tips For Improving Your Company’ Product Images

Be it in product catalogs or on online stores, they effectively communicate to consumers the details of your company’s products. They are the ones responsible for grabbing the consumer’s attention, by being the first thing that catches their eyes.

That’s why they are considered your brand’s ambassador, strengthening it and making it more recognizable. In online stores, they help the consumer better understand what they are purchasing. In printed catalogs, they give your business greater visibility. By now, you should know who this main character is. That’s right, I’m talking about Product Images!

In a time when almost everyone is a “photographer” because of their smartphones, we have the vague impression that we understand a lot about angles, lighting, and shadows. This “understanding” might work for our selfies, vacation pictures or family photos but when we’re talking about our businesses and products, we need to pay special attention.

Time to improve your product images

When our brain perceives something as being real, it’s much easier to increase our audience’s interest and engagement. We already discussed this earlier, but I would like to emphasize once again that product images have to evoke as many feelings as possible about a product.

Since a good photograph increases authority (which in turn creates brand loyalty), how can we improve our product images?

Here are 3 tips to help answer that question:

1 – Take into consideration the image’s background and context

The image’s setting can speak volumes about your product since it creates a connection – even if subconsciously – with your consumer. Thankfully, today you don’t have to go to Rome to place your product in front of the Coliseum. You also don’t have to be limited to using Photoshop (which in the hands of the wrong person, does more harm than good).

Today, we have photorealistic images that are created using CGI (Computer-generated Imagery).

This technology gives marketing professionals the flexibility of showing their products exactly how the company wishes for their consumers to see it. Best of all is that with hyper-realistic CGI, the product images can be used not only on websites or printed catalogs, but they can also be used in TV commercials, digital ads, and video marketing campaigns.

2 – Show every angle of your product

The more details you show of your product, the easier it’ll be for your consumer to understand it’s value. Here, you can also use technology to enhance your products.

By using Augmented Reality, for example, your consumers will be able to interact with your product in an immersive manner, being able to view it in different angles, and even see its internal components.

3 – Always use high-resolution

Along with better demonstrating your product, high-definition images become sharper in retina displays (Apple devices) and make it easier to add zoom features on websites. Here at Signia, all of our images are produced in high-quality (6000 x 6000 pixels) in all file extensions compatible with various applications such as print, website, etc.

Want to learn more about Product Images?

Good product images have a much higher chance of going viral on social media than text. We know that people react emotionally to visual cues, so whether your product images are going to be used in your online store, product catalog, ads or video marketing campaigns, you have to guarantee the highest-quality of your images so it can evoke the desired emotions from your consumers.

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‘Till next time!

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