The importance of the use of videos for businesses

Videos for businesses: to use, or not to use; that is the question

Do you think there are more videos created for personal use or do you think videos made by businesses surpass that number? In a day and age where social media push the use of videos, you’d probably think that most people believe that videos made by companies lose this battle when we talk about quantity.

According to the report The State of Video in the Enterprise 2018 by Kultura, of the over 650 people interviewed, 63% of them stated that they’ve created one of more videos for professional use, and 76% of large companies do at least one webcast per year. Videos for personal use were mentioned by 62% of users.

How relevant is this to your business? Understand that the goal here is not to focus so much on the numbers themselves, but to show you that there’s a large area to be explored when we’re talking about videos for companies and professional use.

Why do we need to talk about videos for business?

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, video consumption is growing year after year and for companies, videos are important because:

  • They increase the customer’s understanding of the product and increase the chances of sales conversions (including on online stores);
  • Create a stronger relationship and connection with the brand;
  • Stand-out in social media feeds;
  • Tell a story in a much more convincing manner;
  • Increase conversion rates;
  • Increase engagement

On top of that, Kultura’s report concluded that between those surveyed:

  • 98% stated that video improve communication;
  • 95% believe that videos help connect geographically-dispersed employees;
  • 98% stated that videos are valuable for training employees better and faster;
  • 92% believe that videos make executives more relatable and personal.

Obviously, the benefits of using videos in business go much further, but even though some companies already realized the potential of using videos, many companies still don’t know how they can use videos.

What type of videos can companies create?

Contrary to what many people might think, video marketing isn’t limited to just posting videos on your company´s YouTube channel or making a television ad. Kaltura’s report also found that 98% of those surveyed stated they take part in training sessions through videos.

Training videos can be used for more than as a teaching tool to staff members. It can also be used to teach customers about using different types of products and/or solutions. Videos for businesses can also include product demos, Augmented Reality, testimonials, corporate videos, product marketing and much more.

As we’ve said in other articles, with the right video strategy, you can define the most adequate type of video for each one of your objectives.

Does your company have a video strategy?

I would love to hear about the types of videos your company makes or has made in the past! If you’d like to learn more about the importance (and potential) of videos for businesses, make sure you check our article Everything You Need to Know About Video Marketing.

As always, feel free to share this article with your friends and coworkers and if you have any questions, reach out to us. Don’t forget to check out our other weekly InSights!

‘Till next time.

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