How to attract and engage visitors at trade shows and industry events?

Trade shows are a great platform to promote and introduce new products, find suppliers, attract new customers, keep in touch with current ones and network.

Companies that participate in trade shows know that these events are extremely important for brand awareness, especially because there is a large audience turnover. If on the one hand the amount of people that walk the corridors of a trade show is a positive factor, on the other, grabbing their attention becomes a challenge, after all, we know as much as you that the competition is fierce.

So how do you attract visitors to your booth? Here are some tips.

1) Visual appeal

Human beings are visual creatures. Of all the senses we have, our vision is the one that takes the lead when it comes to directing our focus

So make sure your booth is attractive and designed to work perfectly with your location in the expo center. Since it’s not enough to just grab attendee’s attention, make sure you use the correct visual cues such as photorealistic videos and images to bring them in and engage them.

Videos are a great versatile tool to have in your trade show arsenal. They can be used to present your company, showcase a product, tell a story, etc. However, if you choose to use videos, make sure you use a professional production company and pay close attention to the sound effects (or music) used.

Take our client Jacto for example. Jacto is a Brazilian company that produces precision agriculture equipment and solutions including sprayers, fertilizers, and harvesters. For the launch of their new state-of-the-art sprayer at one of Latin America’s largest agricultural trade shows, they used the video bellow to attract and engage attendees:

2) Give attendees and experience

Nowadays, one of the best ways to attract visitors to your booth is to use immersive technologies like Augmented Reality. S.I.N. Implant System, a pioneer in the development and production of dental implants, used AR to provide a different experience to attendees who visited their booth at the International Congress of Dentistry of São Paulo (CIOSP).

To learn more about augmented reality and immersive technologies, check out these other InSights we published:

3) Pay more attention to your catalogs

Product catalogs cannot be overlooked. If you want to give them out at trade shows with the goal of attracting visitors to your booth, how about you putting into practice your marketing experience?

Product catalogs should create an impact and every single image should be as close to reality as possible. In order for that to happen, take advantage of 3D photorealistic product renderings. And if you want to generate an even bigger impact, throw a little Augmented Reality experience in there while you’re at it.

How to attract visitors to your booth without blowing your budget?

This may be the million-dollar question for marketers. We talk about video, photorealistic 3D renderings, product catalogs, and attractive booths. But, all of this comes at a price, right?

Although we know that investing in marketing is worthwhile, we understand that there is a budget that we have to stick to. The good news is that your business can maintain quality at a much lower cost than you might think.

My suggestion is to invest in 3D rendered images, videos, and other visual assets. Rendering is super versatile because you can use the same images and animations across all your marketing channels. This includes both digital and print formats.

What many are unaware of is that 3D rendering is synonymous with zero-waste. As explained in this article, “unlike traditional photography, renderings do not require you to waste resources to build sets that will just go to waste. Everything is created digitally. ”

And because the image is digitally created on a computer, adjustments (and different versions) can be made to meet specific needs saving you time and money.

Randon Group, Latin America’s largest manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers, is the perfect example of this. The company wanted to showcase the products of its various brands at the largest event in Latin America geared toward the over-the-road cargo transport industry (Fenatran) and, for that, they invested in the production of 3D rendered images and videos by Signia Digital.

Because the Group is made up of multiple brands, each brand was able to use a special portion of the video, meaning the entire video can be broken into parts to suit each individual company.

As for product catalogs, you can also keep them up to date for different trade shows and industry events without spending a fortune. In this article, we go into detail about how you can that!

Want to learn more about how you can attract more visitors and increase engagement at trade shows and industry events? Reach out to us or send Carol a message on our chat.

´Till next time!

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