Augmented Reality Campaigns: The Transformation of Advertising

In the last 4 years, Augmented Reality technology and its use has been rapidly evolving, so my question to you is: Has your company taken advantage of AR?

As we’ve already explained, AR (Augmented Reality) inserts virtual elements onto your current surroundings augmenting your reality. One great example is when you point your smart device to your living room and through an app, it superimposes a couch there. The couch is not physically in your living room, but through your screen, you can see what it would look like if it was actually there.

The example above was from a campaign created by IKEA (see more here) and it shows how companies that use Augmented Reality attract and interact with consumers and clients.

Where does the success of Augmented Reality campaigns come from?

The keyword when we talk about AR is engagement. By combining the digital with the physical world, campaigns using Augmented Reality stimulate consumers and clients to get involved and interact with the brand and/or product.

All of that is possible because AR stimulates our senses and evokes emotions as we interact with the technology. According to Mood Marketing, the more emotional content there is within the advertisement, the more the public will interact with an ad increasing its chances of going viral.

And whats a better way to evoke emotions than putting your consumers and clients as the centerpiece of a campaign?

With interactive advertising, thanks to Augmented Reality campaigns, marketing professionals and advertisers can reach and attract consumers in a brand new way.

Examples os Augmented Reality campaigns

To better understand and see an actual example, South-American children’s apparel giant Marisol came to Signia Digital looking to create an AR campaign for two of their top brands. The goal was to increase consumer interaction at their franchise stores. To do that, we developed an Augmented Reality experience where consumers could visualize different product colors and make purchases through their app.

Another great example comes from the telephone giant Motorola. The company came to us looking to develop an Augmented Reality app to be used at the global launch event of their new Moto G7 line of smartphones.

You can see the result of the campaign as well as videos of how it was developed in our Motorola Moto G7 Project Case.

**Don’t worry, you won’t have to fill out any of those annoying forms!**

How about you try it for yourself?

We’ve talked about Augmented Reality campaigns and given you two examples from our own clients. Now, I’d like to invite you to see for yourself how an AR campaign works.

To do that, we developed an app that can be downloaded for free. All you gotta do is grab your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions below:

Augmented Reality in advertising
Augmented Reality in advertising

I hope this article helped you understand a little bit better the benefits of Augmented Reality campaigns. Feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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