Augmented Reality as a Sales Tool: Attract More Consumers

Truth be told: making your products stand out in a crowd of so many offers is no easy task. It’s not enough to just get the customer’s attention. It must be retained. To do this, your brand must engage the consumer.

This is how we enter the realm of Augmented Reality. Previously known and used only in the entertainment industry, today Augmented Reality is seen as a tool that is revolutionizing sales strategy.

Thanks to AR, consumer experiences become interactive and dynamic, improving marketing campaigns.

Augmented Reality as a Sales Tool

Organizations from various industry sectors can take advantage of Augmented Reality as a tool to help increase sales. For example, how would you demonstrate the use of complex equipment on a sales call in the medical device industry?

When you’re visiting a client, it is impossible to take a large piece of machinery. What companies are doing to demonstrate their complex solutions – and make the customer interact with the product – is doing a demo through augmented reality, that is, superimposing virtual imagery to their actual surroundings.

Augmented Reality is also a great option for online retailers. Since many think they are one step behind for not having a physical store, they can use product catalogs with Augmented Reality.

When it comes to traditional stores using AR, they can use the technology to display special deals and discounts to shoppers as they walk down the aisles by simply using their smart devices.

As for architects and designers, they can give their clients to option to view their designs wherever they may be. Can you imagine being able to see what paint colors would look like on your wall before you even buy a paintbrush?!?!

Using Augmented Reality as a sales tool gives your products the ability to come to life. Furthermore, this type of experience will make sure your product and your brand are remembered for a long time to come.

And when talking about how to showcase a product, we can’t forget about using Augmented Reality for product launches. Take a look at the following example:

Example of Augmented Reality as a Sales Tool

Focusing on attracting consumers and engaging them, Motorola wanted to provide its customers with a different experience when they launched theMoto G7 line of smartphones. The idea of the company was to highlight the features and functionalities of the smartphones, something that is kind of boring when restricted to a normal PowerPoint presentation.

For that, Motorola reached out to us looking to create an Augmented Reality experience. We developed an AR experience app to be used with the product demo with the main objective: allow the user to interact with the different phone models by rotating and scaling them to give the public a more detailed view of the new phone’s features and functionalities

You can watch a project video case and learn more about the project here.

Want to learn more about using Augmented Reality as a sales tool? How about doing a proof of concept with one of your products? Just reach out to us.

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