Digital Strategy: Improving digital product marketing

Today, there are over 3 million people with an internet connection. That alone should be enough to show you how important your digital product marketing strategy is.

I highly doubt that you didn’t know how important digital marketing is, after all, there’s no escaping it. Despite this, many companies still lack an online presence. Some believe their audience is not on social media, others think a blog post here and another blog post is more than enough.

Even if your customers don’t come from social networks, an online presence is extremely important for brand awareness. But we are not here to talk exclusively about digital marketing.

Our goal here is to approach digital strategy in general, something that encompasses Digital Product Marketing, but doesn’t end there (nor does it boil down to it).

Go Digital or Go Home

When talking about digital product marketing strategy, being ranked on Google, having a social media presence and having a place in your consumer’s inbox is more than mandatory. One thing is certain: companies that are not found by search engines will not be able to survive.

However, your digital strategy goes way beyond than social media posts. Your digital product marketing strategy should focus on pushing the envelope, innovation and using different technologies to drive your business.

A well thought out digital strategy gives your consumers an enhanced experience. Think of an online store, for example. If the customer has questions, who can he speak with before making the purchase? Chatbots (virtual assistants) are all about improving not only the customer experience but also the interaction between companies and consumers.

Therefore, for organizations, a digital strategy is a way of transforming their business.

Digital Strategy and Technolgy

Most of us are constantly connected via laptop, tablet, smartphone and/or desktop. If your consumers also spend some of their time online, then it’s no mystery: your organization should also be online.

With a comprehensive digital strategy you can reach your target audience more efficiently on the platforms (social networks) they spend most of their time on. It’s a simple concept: If you don’t reach your consumers where they spend their time online, your competitors will.

However, in a market occupied by many competitors, your digital strategy needs to differentiate itself. The tip here is to find ways for your product videos to stand out from your competitor’s videos

To do this, highlight what makes your company unique. What makes your products different? Explain all this not only in text but also in images and videos (which generate much more engagement than text alone.)

Take advantage of 3D rendering, photorealistic images, and Augmented Reality. For example, have you ever considered a product digital strategy in which a customer can superimpose a digital image of your product to their actual surroundings? Augmented Reality makes this possible.

To see how that works, grab your tablet or smartphone and follow the instructions below!

Augmented Reality in advertising
Augmented Reality in advertising

“Go digital or go home,” but don’t forget to include in your digital strategy tools that will draw your audience’s eyes to your business (not divert them to your competitor’s).

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