Emotional Connection with Consumers: The Future of Marketing

Some experts say the future of marketing is the emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. We believe you would agree with this statement, and like us at Signia Digital, you also know the importance of creating marketing initiatives that build relationships with consumers.

Companies from all sizes and sectors are starting to realize this. In 2018, Marketing Magazine awarded AIA Hong Kong insurance company, with the honor of “Marketer of the Year.” It was the first time an insurance company received the award. AIA was also awarded five Gold Awards and a Silver Award for various other marketing initiatives.

What is the company’s secret? According to an article posted on marketing-interactive.com, creating an emotional connection with the customer was the main goal of their marketing strategies.

It all starts with emotions

According to the article, “AIA has breathed life into its marketing efforts with relatable experiences, expressing genuine empathy for people’s life challenges in a clear reflection of its care for customers.”

Emotion is what drives our thoughts, actions, decisions and purchase behavior. As marketers, with each passing day we understand that consumers base their buying decisions on two factors:

  • How they feel about the brand
  • How they feel about the messages these brands relay.

This means that companies that want to thrive in today’s marketing landscape need to go beyond simply communicating what their products and services are. They need to create videos, images, and materials that create an emotional connection with their consumers.

Brands that insist on ignoring this kind of connection will likely be swallowed up by their competition. And this is not just our opinion.

In an article entitled An emotional connection matters more than customer satisfaction, the Harvard Business Review (HBR), stated that emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers.

According to the article “emotionally connected customers buy more of your products and services, visit you more often, exhibit less price sensitivity, pay more attention to your communications, follow your advice, and recommend you more.”

Establishing an emotional connection with the consumer

To create an emotional connection with the customer, HBR mentions that customer experience is a critical factor. According to their analysis, “customers who engage in an omnichannel experience, for example, are much more emotionally connected and therefore consistently more profitable. .”

In addition, there must be a “wow factor”. This means that the marketing initiative must be memorable. To really stand out from the crowd, marketing teams need to think about creating an instant reaction by placing your brand or product at the top of the consumer’s mind.

Wrapping up

According to HBR, companies that implement emotional connection-based strategies and metrics to design, prioritize, and measure the consumer experience find that increased emotional connection leads to significant improvements in financial results.

To establish an emotional connection with the consumer, use Augmented Reality strategies, videos and photorealistic 3D images. If you would like to know more, please contact us.

‘Till next time!

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