New Generation of Training Videos: Motivating Employees

Every day, digital technology plays a larger role in our lives. Some changes are slower than others, but the fact is, access to information today is much easier than its ever been.

When speaking about information, we’re also talking about the knowledge we need to obtain within our workplace. And that’s where employee training come in. Thanks to technology, today, employees have easy access to an ever-increasing number of resources to better themselves. Amongst those resources, one of the most efficient is training videos.

The Evolution of Training Videos

Forget that image of someone sitting in front of a computer screen looking at a PowerPoint presentation or listening to someone speak on a webinar. Today’s training videos are enhanced using visual effects, 3D resources, and interactive content. All of this is done to increase the participant’s interaction and retention of information,

Since we also want more engagement, the new generation of training videos also uses immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality. The principle of AR is simple: it augments reality, making it so our eyes can see virtual objects superimposed onto our surroundings.

Technicians that need to learn how to operate a piece of equipment can do so through training videos where the machine becomes an interactive 3D model. By doing this, training that would otherwise be theoretical comes to life, trainees are better able to retain the information, and the company lowers its training costs since now it won’t need to purchase a different machine to train each employee.

Advantages of Video Training

Most of us are visual learners. Researches actually suggest that after a few days of learning about a subject, people tend to remember only 10% of the new information. When visual elements are included, that number jumps to 65%. By adding text and sounds, you can attract the most different types of students.

From what science tells us, videos can encode experiences in our long-term memory (that’s why it’s not surprising to see the growth of companies like Coursera and Udemy).

Thanks to high-speed data networks, online training videos are becoming more popular and easier to access. Be it through a computer or mobile devices, offering content through videos gives companies of every size, an opportunity to amplify their training efforts in a much more convenient and affordable manner.

Product demonstration animation can also be categorized as training videos. Through them, you can train an entire team (as well as an outside audience) on how your product works and its features.

Since videos are recorded and then made available, anyone who’s part of your company and has permission can revisit the digital training material as many times as needed. Or for instance, they can take part in the training at their own pace according to their learning cycle.

Wrapping up

Training videos help companies train their better train their employees faster and more efficiently. By using technologies such as Augmented Reality, training becomes more attractive, and organizations can reduce their costs while also optimizing time.

To learn more about the use of AR for training, check out our article Using Augmented Reality for Employee Training. On top of explaining how the technology works, we give you examples so you can better understand its application.

Want to learn more about training videos and how your company can deploy this strategy in a more assertive manner? Reach out to us! Make sure you also check out our other InSight Articles.

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