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With almost half a century in business, Stam, one of the most traditional and reputable brands of locks and padlocks on the market, and is recognized for its quality, safety, and design.

In 2016 Signia and Stam formed an evergrowing partnership, and in this project case, we’re proud to highlight a few of the major projects we’ve produced together.

Product Catalog – 3D Images

The first project with worked alongside Stam was for the renewal of their product catalog. At the time, the company was the first in its sector to make photorealistic 3D rendered images.

In total, two thousand images were produced. The high-quantity is the result of the wide range of different textures and combinations of the same line. As there was an expressive amount of images, in order to execute the project, Signia had to standardize all of Stam’s product lines.

“For them to put together the physical catalog, we sent all the standardized images, that is, the same type of chrome, shade of black, among other details”, explains Marcus Vinícius, Signia’s art, and project director. He also says that, after the completion of this work, Stam started to generate constant demands.

The entire project took about two months to complete.

You can see more of the images produced for this project here.


To take part in FEICON in 2019 (only event in Latin America that provides a complete perspective of the construction and architecture sectors in one place ), Signia Digital was in charge of producing videos to run on several different screens displayed at the company’s stand. For this project, Stam sent a scope of products that should be featured in each video (three in total were produced).

The great challenge of this project, according to Rodrigo Santos, one Signia’s account manager, was the irregularity of the LED screens, which had different sizes, angles, and heights. The challenge was to show the products in a dynamic, fluid, beautiful way that fit the screens. Therefore, as Marcus sums it up, “the challenge was more technical than conceptual”.

This was the first time that the Signia’s team came across the production of videos for screens like those presented by Stam. Therefore, the team’s job was to think of videos that fit perfectly into the disconnected and offset structures of the screens.

And here’s the result:

In addition to the videos, Stam’s booth had an “instagrammable” area where visitors could take pictures in front of a giant kaleidoscope, also designed by Signia:

For this project to be successful, professionals from Signia, Stam and the LED display company had to work closely together. According to Rodrigo “the LED display company gave us detailed information about the screen’s pixels and we had to do forecast calculations to position the video correctly.

New Website (Coming Mid 2020)

“A trend amongst our clients is to rely on Signia to help them not only in videos and images for their websites but also in terms of visual experience”, says Rodrigo. Creating a new website was also another instance where Stam looked at Signia for help.

In this project, our mission was to create a visually rich website, with seven videos developed exclusively for Stam’s pages. But the work didn’t stop there.

Stam also needed to make all its products visible on its website. “Logically, there is no way to show all of the more than 2,000 products at once. The complexity of the project was to develop the layout, think about the videos and images, and also create a product search mechanism. All of this also thinking about the usability of the site ”, explains Marcus.

In order for the user to find Stam’s entire product portfolio on its website, Signia created a configurator where the person can choose the type of product they want, find it easily and view it in an appealing way.

Stam’s new website is set to go live in the second semester of 2020


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