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Founded in 1996 in Pamplona (Spain), STI Norland was a pioneer in Europe in the development of fixed-tilt structures and solar trackers. In 1998, it designed its first photovoltaic solar structure and, in 2002, it launched its first solar tracker on the market.

Since then, STI Norland has been involved in the development of the most important solar power plants in the world, supplying solar trackers and fixed structures and performing their electromechanical assembly projects.

At the end of 2019 after seeing a photorealistic 3D video Signia Digital created for one of its clients, STI reached out to us. “They were impressed with the quality of the 3D images and our history of working with photorealistic images made STI confident about partnering with Signia ”, recalls Luciana Almeida, Signia’s account manager.

Here are some of the results of this partnership so far:

Augmented Reality – AR

The interest in augmented reality from STI arose to address a problem: showing clients the solar trackers. As these products are difficult to transport and require considerable space, it’s very challenging to show them in a way that their characteristics and features could be adequately evaluated.

With an augmented reality app developed by Signia, the showcasing of the solar tracker models is now much easier. Within the app, the user can see four models in AR and is able to interact with each one by tapping the screen of the mobile device.

In addition to allowing trackers to be viewed in a much more interactive way than if they were presented using traditional videos, 3D images also allow clients to analyze important details about mounting the panels.

Thanks to the augmented reality experience app, the sales team now has more tangible (and very realistic) ways of showcasing its products to customers.

Virtual Reality – VR

Signia Digital is also responsible for STI’s virtual reality experience. The experience will be used at trade shows and by the company’s sales team.

In the virtual reality experience, the user s taken to a showroom in which the customer is transported to building with three floors and where they can freely move around to see and interact with different types of equipment. On top of that, the user can also take a virtual tour of an open field filled with solar trackers.

The user can also obtain more information about the solar trackers by simply pointing to the solar trackers and clicking one of the buttons on the VR controller.


With the success of the virtual reality experience, STI asked Signia Digital to create a new interactive website that will be launched in the second semester of 2020. In this project, Signia was able to develop STI’s visual identity, design, and content, and not just program the website.

“We combined all our different skills from different departments and used them to create STI’s new website”, says Luciana, who explains that the website has 3D images and videos, transitions, augmented reality and virtual reality.

“What sets us apart is that when our clients acquire our services, they can concentrate all of their media demands on a single supplier. And this can be seen on the website we created for STI. We were responsible for developing a full range of user experience”, according to Marcus, Signia’s art and project director.

Project Challenges

According to Marcus STI’s engineering team sent in all of the 3D files, so Signia could then focus solely on the creative side of the project instead of the technical aspect.

“We had to be able to communicate in images all the technical issues that are imperceptible to those who are not in the solar energy industry. And we needed to do this in a realistic way and at the same be visually appealing”, explains Marcus.

In addition, he says it was the first time that Signia made a 360º video for virtual reality glasses. Incidentally, for this project, there was also another first: the use of Oculus Quest, which has more advanced hardware than the Oculus GO glasses that were used previously.

Next Projects

Thanks to the success of the projects, and the positive feedback from STI’s clients regarding the immersive experiences through virtual reality and augmented reality, STI and Signia are already working on other projects set to launch in 2020, so stay tuned!

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