Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level


“Every company today is a Tech Company”. That’s the title of an article published by The Wall Street Journal that details how technological innovation has made companies readjust how they operate.

And by readjust, it means that forward-thinking companies are adapting their business models to take full advantage of new technology.

If you think this only applies to IT departments since they are the ones primarily responsible for technology, I got some news for you; this also applies heavily to marketing departments, especially those concerned with customer engagement.

Customer engagement deals with bringing your target audience closer to your company through strategies that builds relationships, promotes brand loyalty and brand awareness.


In the article 4 Predictions on the State of Customer Engagement in 2019, author Raju Malhotra uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an example. According to him “When Facebook first announced chatbot integration with Messenger in 2016, many considered it the end all be all of customer care.”

According to him “94% of tweets at brands go unanswered, and each year customers expect more direct interaction with brands, and they demand quick responses”. And that’s where AI comes in to help improve engagement with instant interaction.

Data usage is another important point Raju touches on stating that “The customer service team has data on what products a customer owns, what they like, what they don’t like, and how likely they are to keep buying from your brand. Gartner found that by 2020 more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer experience.”

Besides these two predictions highlighted in the article (and two others you can see here), video marketing is another strategy that many companies didn’t consider until recently.

Video consumption has been growing fast and with that, many marketing professionals realize that when we talk about customer engagement, videos work as a bridge to connect a brand with its customers.

Furthermore, in regards to the use of technology, it’s thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) that a customer can visualize a product in an immersive manner by simply using their smartphone or tablet.

We put together an eBook with video examples and a free AR Experience app called How to Create Engagement Using Augmented Reality where I discuss how AR technology can be used to create engagement.

But, of course, when we talk about customer engagement we also need to take into consideration other strategies such as using photorealistic product images and virtual reality.


Initiatives that focus on building a relationship with customers are essential. The same way, its equally important for brands to understand that each day, customers are more and more attracted by different types of interactions (and are more critical when it comes to the quality of these interactions).

And that´s where technology plays a critical and fundamental role by providing us tools to take this engagement to the next level.

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