Advertising Trends: Using Augmented Reality to stand-out and increase engagement

Let him cast the first stone whoever hasn’t heard of the Pokemon Go phenom! Along with being a huge hit with kids, teens, and adults, the app showed the world what Augmented Reality can do. Furthermore, it showed that it’s possible – in terms of financial and technological viability – to fascinate the general public in ways that haven’t really been explored yet.

In fact, the word “fascinate” is the perfect word to describe Augmented Reality (AR), because its main objective is to allow consumers to fully interact with the brand.

Well, but if Pokemon Go brought even more attention to Augmented Reality, we, that work with marketing, can’t deny the fact that AR puts us face-to-face with an opportunity to reach an even greater number of people, and consequently, increase our client portfolio.

That’s why we wrote this article to introduce Augmented Reality as one of the hottest advertising trends for years to come.

Ok, but what is Augmented Reality?

Leaving technical jargons aside, imagine that, at this exact moment, on your smartphone or computer, there’s a digital layer that cannot be seen through the naked eye. This “digital layer” is what will provide you the Augmented Reality experience. 

Think of a scenario where when picking a nail polish, with an app on your smartphone, you can try different colors and see how they would look on your fingernails. All of this without having to open the bottle of nail polish, paint on each color, and then, have to remove everything with nail polish remover. That’s exactly what Maybelline did back in 2012.

Thus, we say that brand experiences created through Augmented Reality allow consumers to view and interact products, services, and promotions. This is exactly why you, aware of what’s going on with advertising trends, will get involved with Augmented Reality.

Since its one of advertising’s trends, there’s no way to get away from AR, right?

You couldn’t be more correct! And it’s not just us from Signia Digital saying this. In the book Marketing 4.0 guru Philip Kotler makes it clear that in order to transform customers into brand advocates, you have to integrate the new marketing with traditional marketing. And what brand doesn’t want their customers to be their advocates?

Well, when we talk about the new marketing, we are obviously talking about taking advantage of all this technology that surrounds us. So write this down: With Augmented Reality, your company can combine the real world with the digital world, allowing the consumer to connect with your product before, during and after the purchase journey.

Actually, when it comes to social media, “engagement” is what matters, and AR provides fun experiences and encourages customers to engage more and more with the brand and/or products and services.

In the end…

One of the latest trends in advertising, Augmented Reality is changing the way companies markets its products. Basically, thanks to AR virtual objects can be projected in front of consumers in the real world.

So my question for you is: What is your company prepared to do to turn your consumers into valuable brand advocates? Augmented Reality is here to stay, especially in the marketing and advertising world as it creates a new way of trial, purchase, and selling.

I guarantee you that this is not a technology accessible only to big players. AR is a lot more accessible than you imagine, and that is one of the reasons why Augmented Reality is one of the hottest advertising trends.

Want to learn more about Augmented Reality? Reach out to us! It’ll be a please to hear from you. Also, feel free to share this post with all your friends and colleagues.


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