Video Marketing: Make Sure You’re Not Left Out!

Video Marketing: Is Your Company Keeping Up with the Latest Trends?

Without a doubt, you’ve heard about Content Marketing, simply put, it’s a strategy that combines two activities: creating engaging materials and a well-defined publication strategy to reach your brand’s target audience.

We know that it’s not easy to keep up with all the latest marketing materials but it’s safe to say that if your company doesn’t have a content marketing strategy, you’ve fallen a couple of steps behind. With that being said, I didn’t write this post to tell you about the latest content marketing strategy, but, a content strategy that is gaining more and more strength with each passing day. Have you ever thought about the importance of Video Marketing?

Why Video Marketing?

According to a HubSpot’s Content Trends: Global Preferences report, 54% of consumers want to see a video from a brand or business they support, compared to 45% who want to receive an e-mail or newsletter. 43% of consumers also said that videos are more memorable when compared to product images. 

Videos are not only important because of consumer preference (although this alone shows how much video marketing deserves special attention). Since we live in the real world, what we all want as marketers, is for our materials to help create sales, right?

Well, a survey conducted by Wyzowl showed that 81% of users bought a product or service after watching a brand’s video. Video marketing has been such a hot topic that Forbes wrote an entire article about it.

Here are some key statistics from the article: 

  • By 2019 video is projected to claim more than 80% of internet traffic;
  • Adding a video to emails can increase CTR by 200-300%;
  • Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%;
  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video of the product.

What Type of Video to Create?

You’re probably already thinking that there are a variety of video styles, and you’re right. Here are some of the main types:

  • Live Videos: Facebook popularized the strategy of live videos, and today, Instagram is also being used for that purpose. In addition to the two social networks, this type of video can also be produced on Twitter using their Periscope app.
  • Augmented Reality: AR is gaining more and more strength with each passing day as the technology improves. With AR, the customer can experience the product in an immersive and interactive manner.  
  • Virtual Reality: VR is another video technology gaining strength, especially since the release of Facebook’s Oculus
  • Success cases and client testimonials: There’s nothing like a testimonial from a customer who used to have the same challenges as someone who is evaluating your products/services to tell them how your company was able to solve the issue.   
  • 360º Videos: using this type of video strategy, your audience can have a more detailed look from different perspectives. Thanks to Augmented and Virtual realities, they have full control of the experience choosing exactly what they want to see.
  • Demonstration Videos: Show them, don’t just tell them about it! The bast majority of people would much rather see a demonstration of what you’re offering rather than just reading about it.

Other examples include animated videos, custom messages, branded videos and more. Let your imagination roam free but don’t forget your strategy.

Don’t bother starting without having a strategy!

Like everything in life, without a clear goal and strategy, there is no way of knowing which path your marketing activities take. Therefore, you should have different types of videos to be used across different promotional channels (e-mail, social media, landing pages etc.) according to your company’s goal.

Video marketing strategies are becoming increasingly more important, and as we’ve seen in different studies and reports, this trend is only going to grow. What are you waiting for to start planning?  

Let us know what you think about video marketing and its trends. If you’d like to learn more about the different types of product videos, reach out to us! It would be awesome to be able to help you with your videos.

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